Condolence & Memory Journal

Remembering dear Janelle today and her godly legacy of faithful service in the Kingdom. Much love and many prayers are sent to Pastor Lane, Joy, Laura, and Sarah. "The Lord is close to the broken-hearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit."

Posted by Faith Sinclair - Rolesville, NC - Friend   March 31, 2015

We are so sorry ti hear about Janelle. I know that she is worshipping her Lord and Saviour in His presence.

Posted by Brenda Mucci - Pittsburgh, PA - College   March 30, 2015

Janelle was always so kind hearted. When we worked at Twin Wells Indian School in Sun Valley, AZ, she was always gracious to me, especially as a single lady, knowing that I enjoyed playing racquetball with Lane, knowing that I needed a big brother and didn't mind at all, always so trusting, and showing graciousness and kindness to me. I enjoyed her sweet spirit. I also remember when we hiked down the Grand Canyon. Remember that? Lane, you, Michelle and Dave Thomas, Carmen Guerra, Roger and Sylvia...Those were great times and great memories of strong friendships being forged among brothers and sisters in the Lord as we ministered to the Navajo students. God bless you, Lane and you girls and extended family. May God's presence continue, as Laura so eloquently said, to be "thick" in the midst of your grief.

Posted by Connie (McAlexander) Suehiro - Moses Lake, WA - Friend   April 12, 2014


May God's blessing continue to be with you.

Posted by Gloria Hamilton - Bourbonnais, IL - Employee at Olivet   April 07, 2014

We thank the Lord for the friendship we have had over the years with Lane and Janelle and with their sweet daughters. David and I served with them at Kudjip Nazarene Hospital in PNG for quite a few years. We have many memories of warm and gracious times in their home(s) at Kudjip - praying as a missionary family together; a shared meal together with our two families; and sometimes just Janelle and I (Sylvia) in chatting or praying together. We grew to love them as our own.

One particular memory I wanted to share has stuck with me even with as faulty a memory as I have. We were on a short weekend vacation with Lane and Janelle in Madang and took a little time to do some shopping in the little stores in that small town. We were in one store when we heard Janelle gasp or cry out or do something that got our attention. She had discovered in this tiny little store in Papua New Guinea a tape cassette called "Rejoice Africa." She had the store owner play the tape and tears began to stream down her face as she listened to these songs of worship recorded in South Africa. One of the songs was called "Lord Make Us Instruments" and was sung by the Drakensburg Boys Choir. We both ended up buying the tape that day. That song became increasingly meaningful to me as we faced some intense tribal conflicts as we served there. We longed for the words of that song to be true in the hearts of the people that we loved, "Lord, make us instruments of your peace. Where there is hatred let your love increase..."

Janelle was a beautiful instrument of God's peace. The radio ministry to women in PNG that she helped to start has brought peace to the lives of countless people.

We are so glad that God brought our lives together, thankful for the friendship and the things we learned from Janelle, aching with and praying for Lane, Joy, Laura, Sarah, Carol, Bob and Kay and their families, but also holding onto the great hope we have in Jesus.

Posted by David and Sylvia Potter - Port Vila, Vanuatu - Friends and Co-Laborers   April 06, 2014

Dear Lane and family;

My heart is heavy and my eyes filled with tears. I think of all our times together and have kept you in my prayers. I will continue to hold you and the family up before the Lord.

I take comfort in the thought that it will not be long before we rise to meet Jesus in the clouds.

I love all my Fort Wayne Teenagers.


Posted by Bob and Linda Scott - Rio Rico, AZ - Fort Wayne teen group   April 06, 2014

Hello Lane, Joy, Laura and Sarah - We just wanted you to know that our thoughts and prayers are with you during this time. We are so thankful for the wonderful memories we have of your mom. I will never forget her generosity and thoughtfulness when she came in and taught for me the week of our wedding - even though it had been all planned for me to keep teaching! She was such an encouragement and example to me as I began my years of overseas service in PNG. I loved working on the Women's Radio programs with her and the other PNG 'meris' and her willingness and enthusiasm for the MK school and helping us make it a successful place for all of you to learn in.
I ask that Jesus would hold all of you so very tightly to Himself as you walk through this journey of grief. I know it will not diminish the emotions you are feeling, but pray His very Presence would wrap you in Love and Peace as He walks each step of the way with you in your own journeys.
We love you and hope to connect again some time when we are in the States again.
Much love and God's best for all of you, even in the midst of loss and sorrow.
In Christ,
Nikolai, Brad, Cherith and Mekelle

Posted by Nikolai Ballin    April 05, 2014

Our hearts are sadden to hear about Janelle. What a shock!!! Lane, you and your family are in our prayers. We don't know the reason now, but some day we will and see her glowing smile. God Bless, our love, Duane & Elaine Schafer

Posted by Duane & Elaine Schafer - Fort Myers, FL - Friends   April 05, 2014

So sadened to hear of Janelle's untimely death. Our family is lifting, your family in prayer. God be with you all. Jon, Barb, Lauren, and Kristine Spyker

Posted by Jonaton Spyker - Cridersville, OH - Friend   April 05, 2014

Dear Laura,
We are saddened by this news and the loss for your family.
Please accept our sympathy, prayers and love in the Lord Jesus for you all.
David and Rebecca McMillan
Bible Witness Camp

Posted by David and Rebecvca McMilla    April 05, 2014

Dear Lane, Joy, Laura and Sarah
Our hearts and thoughts are with you on this day. Ken had major surgery this week and is recovering, but our thoughts and prayers are with you. May our God of all comfort support you in His loving arms this day and the ones to come. In the loving arms of her Savior, our beloved Janell is Joyful, as is her dad who is showing her the ropes. What a day she is having - but down here we grieve for her beautiful spirit. We love you, Ken and Shirley (Florene and Herb Zuercher's son and wife)

Posted by Ken and Shirley Zuercher - Fairfield, OH - Cousin   April 05, 2014

Lane, I am so sorry for your loss. My heart goes out to you and your family. Our prayers are with you and the girls.

Posted by Steve Brown - Elkhart, IN - Friend   April 05, 2014

May the memories of Janelle's beautiful life help to lift you up when you miss her the most. Praying for all of you. God's grace is sufficient to carry you through.

Posted by Marlys McClintock Drebenstedt - charlevoix, MI - Fellow MK   April 04, 2014

My thoughts and prayers are with you. Remember what Jesus said: "
Never will I leave you or forsake you."

Posted by Grace Pelley - Bourbonnais, IL   April 04, 2014

We are so sorry to learn of the tragic death of Janelle!
Our prayers go out to all the family!
We pray for God's comfort, strength and guidance for you!

Posted by Wesley and Zelda Burns - Cuyahoga Falls, OH - Friends of theZurcher family   April 04, 2014

Our thoughts and prayers are with your family. Thanks for your faithfulness to the Lord and obedience in serving Him across cultures. Stuart Williams (South African PK now serving in Calgary Alberta Canada).

Posted by Stuart Williams - Calgary Alberta Canada   April 04, 2014


Janelle will be sadly missed. So sorry for your loss.
Scott, Cyndee, Seth, & Sarah Christman

Posted by The Christmans - Huntington, IN - Friend   April 04, 2014

We were so sorry to hear of Janelle's unexpected home-going. What good memories we have of your family. We will never forget the time we shared at the beach. We know that we will all see her again. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

Bill & Naomi

Posted by Bill & Naomi Bradley - Elkhart, IN - Good Friends   April 04, 2014

I did not know Janelle but as a mother and a person of faith I will be praying for her family. Just reading about her life and all she has done for this world is amazing. Her family will continue her mission....God Bless.

Posted by Jodi A Trudeau - Bourbonnais, IL   April 04, 2014

So very sorry for your loss. Lifting you up in prayer and asking God to wrap his arms around you and give you comfort.

Posted by Reed and Stephanie Irwin - Hillsdale, MI   April 04, 2014

We remember well working with you at Twin Wells (now Sun Valley) Indian School. God was with us there and He is with us now during this time of sorrow. We loved both of you very much.

Posted by Roy and Carolyn Lynn - Olathe, KS - Friends   April 04, 2014


Lane, Janelle, and their 3 girls were at Grace Point in March for our Faith Promise Sunday. I know the family well because we attended Huntington First Church with Carol Zurcher and the Garguilio family for over 12 years. I had just joined the Grace Point staff (as the children's pastor) 7 months prior to Janelle's family coming a few weeks ago. As the children's pastor, I am often one of the very last ones to leave after church on Sunday mornings, after staying until all the kids have been picked up and the room is cleaned. I love teaching kids and know God called me to Grace Point, and He has given me great joy in serving. However, the transition to Fort Wayne had been more difficult than we anticipated, and though no one knew it, I was feeling a little discouraged, unseen, and lonely.

On Faith Promise Sunday, Janelle's girls spoke in kids worship and did a wonderful job. Janelle had helped them prepare rice and beans for the kids to taste, which was a huge hit! The service had long ended, and I was wheeling a cart of supplies from the kids worship room back to my office, taking a short-cut through the sanctuary.

Janelle saw me from across the sanctuary, where she was talking with a few people who were still there. She left the conversation and came toward me, beaming a beautiful smile as she always did. She said, "Hi!" and at first, I thought she saw someone else. When I realized she was talking to me, I stopped and she hugged me. I hugged her back. She said, "Oh, thank you for leading the kids every week! What a wonderful ministry! It is so important!" Then she asked me questions about how we were doing, how we were liking Grace Point, how the children's ministry was going, and how our move went. She was genuinely, sincerely interested, with her eyes and attention straight toward me..
See the rest of this story under "life stories" above.

Posted by Katrina Arbuckle - Fort Wayne, IN - friend   April 04, 2014

Remember many things from working together at Twin Wells, now Sun Valley Indian School. Remember making our first trip to the mountains of Show Low and seeing the green grass and trees, with there none being at the school. Remember going camping in the mountains. Remember you smile and sweet spirit. Janelle was truly a Godly women. The world was better for having her.

Posted by Darla Cline Byrd - Beverly, OH - friend from Sun Valley   April 04, 2014

Lane, Joy, Laura and Sarah....our prayers are with you as you have had to say a sudden good bye to your amazing mom/beloved wife. She was a sensitive, lovely lady who often comforted others. We are sure her precious words, tender gestures and life example of depending on Christ are comforting you now. We are remembering times when she did that for us, like 19 years ago when we were serving in PNG together. Our daughter, Sarah, was being evacuated with a possible fast growing brain tumor, when I, Natalie, heard someone walk in, sit with me as I cried and cried herself. No words were spoken, just amazing comfort given, in the most loving and appropriate way possible. That is the picture we have in our minds and hearts today.....the loving, sensitive, giving and beautiful woman we knew in Janelle. Heaven is richer today and closer than ever before. We are praying for you and believing that the Great Comforter, the One your mom/wife depended on and moved toward always, is comforting you today..... and will continue to comfort you in the days to come. We love you !!!

Posted by Verne and Natalie Ward - Lenexa, KS - friends   April 04, 2014

Praying for the family at the loss of a mother, wife, daughter, and sister plus daughter-in-law, sister-in- law, aunt and cousin. May everyone feel God's love and care at this tragic time and the many days that lay ahead for everyone. May the prayers of others give you strength for each day.

Janelle was a cute, joyful, talented little girl that I had the joy to grow up (for 8 years) with in South Africa. We were like family during those early years.

Blessing to all~ Judy

Posted by Judy Steigleder Deale - Woodburn, OR - friend   April 04, 2014

Lifting your family in prayer...thankful for your service in His Kingdom on earth and the gentle spirit and bright light that Janelle radiated to everyone she met.

Posted by Joyce and John Pipkin - Columbia, SC   April 04, 2014

I am so sorry for your loss. Praying for you all.

Posted by Scott Apple - Briwnsburg, IN - Friend   April 04, 2014

Dear Lane and Girls,
Our heart breaks as we think of your loss. Janelle blessed us during our time in Papua New Guinea. She hosted the baby shower for Byron, our first born and we won't ever forget her generous, loving spirit and fantastic smile. You are in our prayers!
Jeff and Cheryl Crouch

Posted by Jeff and Cheryl Crouch - Denton, TX - fellow missionaries in PNG   April 04, 2014

Janelle was a few years older than me, so was not a close friend, but I always looked up to her as an amazing role model of the kind of Christian I wanted to be.

Our families shared many meals together in the Johannesburg area. One memory I will never forget was when Norman and Carol were at our home for a meal one evening during the time Janelle was at Olivet. They had received a letter from her about a wonderful young man she had just met named Lane. My parents had recently received an Olivet Year Book, so we immediately retrieved it to see if we could find a picture of this special person. There was no individual photo, but we did manage to find an Orpheus photo where Lane was listed. It was quite an ordeal, with many laughs and trading of glasses, counting out the rows of students and finding which tiny face was Lane. Little did we all know that he was to become the love of her life.

I also remember being on furlough in Kankakee the year Janelle was crowned homecoming Queen at Olivet. It was one of the heartbreaks of missionary service that her parents were on the field, unable to attend this significant event in her life. How proud we were to stand in as her missionary "family" for that event.

Auntie Carol, Kay, Bob, Lane, and daughters; I can't imagine the depth of your feelings of loss. I have been and will continue to lift you up to the God of all comfort over the next many months as you find your way through this dark tunnel of grief.

Posted by Diana Reinert - Chambersburg, PA - fellow MK   April 04, 2014

Janelle and I served together on the NEI Women's Ministry Council. I enjoyed her fellowship and her great love for our Lord. She was a wonderful Christian example for all she come in contact with. What a joy to know her and serve on the council with her. My deepest sympathy to Lane, daughters and family members.

Posted by Mary Ststom - Tavares, FL - Friend   April 04, 2014

Dear Lane, girls, and your entire beloved family,
We are so saddened by the news about Janelle. What a true gift from God she is, with such a gentle spirit, yet such a deep and fierce faith in our blessed Savior. We cannot begin to imagine what you are going through, but we trust that you will be carried through it all in the love of our Lord and by the prayers of so many whose lives have been touched by Janelle. You have our love, sympathy and prayers.
Al and Lisa

Posted by Al and Lisa Cantrell - Mount Horeb, WI - friends   April 04, 2014

Gentle spirit, quiet strength, servant heart...are just a few of the many attributes that come to mind when thinking of Janelle! She was a precious woman of God! Our hearts are broken for you, her dear family! You are in our constant prayers. It is certain that she is hearing a warm "Well done..." from the Savior whom she loved so much. Much love and sympathy to all of you. Chuck and Faith Sinclair

Posted by FaIth Sinclair - Rolesville, NC - Friend   April 03, 2014

Lane and girls,
We are so sorry to hear of Janelle's sudden passing. Although it has been a number of years since we were all at Kudjip together, it seems like yesterday that we were all working in Papua New Guinea. We pray that the God of comfort will give your heart peace and healing in this difficult time.
Brian & Carol Bett

Posted by Brian & Carol Bett - Langdon, KS - Missionary Colleagues   April 03, 2014


Our Deepest Sympathy to the Fosnaugh and Zurcher Families for the loss of Janelle. Our Thoughts and Prayers are with you all during this time of sorrow.

Friends In Christ:
Cathy (Gunn) Davis, Pamela (Gunn) Cloud and Sherri (Gunn) Mason

Posted by Pam Cloud - Friend   April 03, 2014

The entire Zurcher family has blessed us across the years as we intersected in Africa and NTS. It was an honor and privilege to be associated with Janelle, Lane, and other members of the family in their service for our Lord. We will miss Janelle's bright smile, but we believe that Norman is rejoicing in a grand reunion!

Posted by Chuck and Doris Gailey - Englewood, FL - Missionary friends   April 03, 2014

Lane & Girls,
We were deeply saddenned in heart to hear of Janelle's passing. Our church was unbelievably blessed just a few months ago by Lane and Janelle's Sunday morning service with us. What great fellowship around the Sat PM restaurant table we had. Our love and prayers. Pastor Dave Childers and the people of Gateway Church of the Nazarene in Oskalooosa, IA.

Posted by Dave Childers    April 03, 2014

To the Fosnaugh Family:
I also remember the missionary appointment service in 1988 when we were appointed together to be missionaries in the Church of the Nazarene. How wonderful for our paths to have crossed again years later for those brief years at Asia Pacific Nazarene Theological Seminary. Out of a saddened heart I ask the God of all comfort to give each of you all the grace you need for every step of the way through the valley of the shadow of death.

Posted by Beverly Gruver - Lawrence, KS - Missionary Colleague   April 03, 2014

To Lane and daughters, and Carol Zurcher and family, Fosnaugh family

Even though as Christians we do not grieve as others who have no hope, we still grieve deeply. Our hearts were broken when we heard of Janelle's home goingm and yet we pictured Norman Zurcher there greeting her and saying let me take you to Jesus.

Lane we will commit to pray for you and the gilrs, and not forget you as the days go by. Carol, Kay, Deb,and Bob, we will pray that the God of all comfort will be at your side through this time and the days ahead.

We have loved both familes for many years and admired you commitment to the Lord, and the Church of the Nazarene.

Ward and Brenda Lewis

Posted by Rev. Ward and Brenda Lewis - Fort Wayne, IN - Faith Friends   April 03, 2014

Lane and girls,
We remember when we were all appointed as missionaries. Our prayers are with you.
May you all be aware of the presence of the Holy Spirit especially at this time of loss.

Posted by David & Marquita Mosher - Lilongwe, Malawi - missionary friends   April 03, 2014

Dear Lane, Joy, Laura, Sarah,
Words cannot express how sorry we all are to hear about your loss. Janelle loved you all so much. We are praying for you and will keep praying for you. What do you do when your world is tipped on edge and you know it will never be the same? I only know that Janelle is dancing in heaven right now. She had such an eye for beauty, and now she is in the presence of the creator of beauty. May God comfort you and be very close to you. Love you guys.
Ron and Debi

Posted by Ron & Debi Berk - Ada, OK - friends   April 03, 2014

Lane and girls-
Carol and I were shocked and saddened at the news of Janelle's death. It is not possible to know what you must be going through, but we weep with you for her loss. May the God of our Faith, Janelle's Savior and ours, give you the peace and strength only He can give now. You all are in our prayers.

Your friends in the Lord,

Jim and Carol Dorough

Posted by Jim And Carol Dorough - Mount Vernon, OH - Friend   April 03, 2014

To Lane and daughters and Carol and family. Our hearts ache for you. You are in our prayers.

Posted by Fred and Dinah Huff - Tijeras, NM - friend   April 03, 2014

Want to let you know we are thinking of you and praying for God's strength be yours, as you celebrate the life of a beautiful daughter, wife and mother. Though we are in Namibia, distance cannot separate our hearts.

Posted by Mike and Julie Shalley - Tsumeb, Namibia   April 03, 2014

I am so sorry for the loss of your loved one Janelle.
We sometimes don't know why these things happen but only God knows.
God be with all of you through this trying time.
I went to school with Carol at Lancaster school & church in Huntington County Indiana.

Posted by Shirley (Crawford) Bailey - Elkhart, IN - Friend   April 03, 2014

Just this brief note to assure the Fosnaugh and Zurcher family that we are now, and will continue, to pray that God's special strength, presence and love will be yours today and the difficult days to come.

Posted by George and Margaret Hurst - Indianapolis, IN - Friends, fellow missionaries   April 03, 2014


I remember when I first met Janelle...she was just three years old. Her parents (my sister and husband) were home on furlough from Africa. While they would go out to speak, we would often babysit for little Janelle. I loved having her and her brother and sister around... I was only 13 years old at that time. Janelle was a bubbly little girl...always smiling and what I remember most is that she was a talker...she talked and talked and talked...and when she was in a room by herself...she talked to herself. Her sweet spirit won our hearts from the beginning.

Posted by Marilyn Pientka - Middleton, WI - Aunt   April 03, 2014

Wayne and I send our deepest condolences to Lane and the the girls. We met your family in PNG when we visited our family, the Myers' We will be praying for God's sustaining grace during the coming days. We do not know His plans, but we know that He knows best
We found Janelle to be "the real thing" and enjoyed our brief encounters with her and the family. May the Lord Bless you all.

Posted by Rev. Wayne and Pat Cummings - Loisville,, OH - parents of Dr.Susan Myers   April 03, 2014

When a fellow missionary passes away they are still part of our family.

Posted by Tom and Faye Riley - Hermitage, TN - Missions family.   April 03, 2014


I didn't know Janelle very well, but I do remember what a lovely person she was when we were students together at Olivet. I will be praying for her family.

Posted by Brenda Mucci - Bethel Park, PA - Olivet   April 03, 2014

I met Janelle freshman year at Olivet in Nesbitt Hall. She is one of the sweetest persons I have ever met. My heart goes out to Lane and her three daughters, Joy, Laura and Sarah.

Posted by Wendy Carver - Homer Glen, IL - friend   April 03, 2014

Growing up, Janelle was always the "nice" MK - always smiling, always kind, had a great sense of humor and everyone just liked being around her. Beautiful inside and out. There really are no words to express this heartbreak. I am comforted to know where she's at and that we'll all see her again. What a day that will be!

Posted by Cyndi Scarlett - Nairobi, Kenya - lifelong friend, fellow MK   April 03, 2014

Our sincerest sympathy to the family for your loss. We are praying for you as you walk through this valley. May you sense God's presence and peace.

Posted by Larry & Ruth Brincefield - Summerfield, FL - Friend of the family   April 03, 2014

Pastor Lane and family,
Lee and I were shocked and saddened to hear about the loss of Janelle.We fondly remember your interview and meet and greet time with the Rush Church family.
Please know that we are lifting you in our thoughts and prayers praying for God to bring you comfort and surround you with His presence during this time.
Lee and Carolyn Brown

Posted by Lee and Carolyn Brown - Gnadenhutten, OH - Rush Community Church of the Naz   April 03, 2014

I will always remember Janelle from our time at Olivet. She was such a kind and sweet. She had a smile and sincerity that made every person feel like they were very important. So sad for the worlds loss but I know that Janelle is rejoicing with the Lord now. I will be keeping Lane and the family in my prayers. Until we meet again on heavens side my friend.

Posted by Kim Tweedy Payne - Shirley, IN - Friend   April 03, 2014

Janelle always had a smile that would like up the room. Her service to the Lord as a missionary, pastor's wife and to her family inspired me. What a light she has been to so many. We are praying for comfort to all of our Fosnaugh and Zurcher friends.

Posted by Lynn and Rebecca Battershell - Venice, FL - Friends   April 03, 2014


I'm praying for the family and friends during these hard times.

Posted by Doris - Flint, MI - I'm friends with Mark N Murphy   April 03, 2014

Janelle was an example for us all. I'm grateful for the time that God placed her in my life. Loved working with her and our teen quiz team. She will be missed.
"Friends are friends forever when the Lord's the Lord of them. And a friend will not say never, because the welcome will not end. Though it's hard to let you go, in the Father's hands we know, that a lifetime is not to long, to live as friends."

Posted by Tonya Fleetwoid - Wakarusa, IN - Friend   April 03, 2014

Janelle touched so many lives over the years. Ours were a few of those. God used her to encourage and inspire us to walk closer to him. She now stands in the presence of her savior, part of the "cloud of witnesses" who have gone before us, urging us upward. Our hope is that one day we, our loved ones, friends, and those we know will join her. This is what she dedicated her life to. Her life is a shining testimony of humble love and obedience. Our hearts are sad for Lane, Joy, Laura, Sarah, and the rest of the family. We know they are people of faith and we pray that God's love becomes more real to them now than ever before in their lives.

Posted by David & Rhonda Ackerman - Buhl, ID - Friend   April 03, 2014

I will miss Janelle's sweet smile , her compassion, after Sunday prayer meeting fellowisp at McDonald's . Even getting inboxes messages to let me know she was praying for me. Im so thankful for the time we had with her at South Lake Nazarene.
Lane and Family you have been in my thoughts and prayers and continue to be.

Posted by Linda Cisneros - Crown Point, IN - Friend   April 03, 2014

Janelle, it's been a long time since I talked with you. I can't believe you're gone. It seems so unfair. One of my earliest memories of you was when we lived on the Reef. One day, mom & I (don't remember about Diana), came to your house to pick you up for something. I remember you locked the door & checked it ... that seemed so mature to me. I always have thought of you as mature. Of course, all of us friends & MKs were so proud when you became homecoming queen ... & it was so touching that, in absence of your parents being there, your dad recorded a message for you ... a very personal & yet publicly-shared message. The only good thing I can think of about your death is that you are with your dad now. That's a selfish perspective because I am sure you are happy as can be, but you have left so many people behind ... especially Lane & your girls & your mom & Kay & Bob. Fly away well and show us how to make our transitions gracefully when our times come.

Posted by Debbie Miller - Lincoln, NE - friend & fellow MK   April 02, 2014


I light a candle in memory of a woman of God who is now walking with Him hand in hand in heaven.

My heart is heavy and there are no words to express the sorrow and sadness that we feel for the loss of a beautiful, Godly woman. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Fosnaugh family as they mourn the loss of a wife, mother and friend.

They are a family of Faith and I pray that their faith will get them through this very difficult time in their lives.

Janelle will be forever in our thoughts and in our hearts.

May God bless them!!

With much love to them all!!!

Posted by Kelly & Jennifer McCormick - Elkhart, IN - friend   April 02, 2014

Janelle always me feel like family every time I saw her. Many years of diffrent memories.

Posted by tammy marqueling - fort wayne, IN   April 02, 2014


Janelle was one of the nicest people around. She had such a sweet spirit, and was always smiling. Praying for the family through this very difficult time.

Posted by Peggy (Muncie) Collins - Centerpoint, IN - Friend from ONU   April 02, 2014