Life Stories

George was always man of honesty and conviction. He was a mentor to me in my younger days. At the ripe age of 13 he gave me my first driving lesson in his 1929 ford. No synchros in that transmission. No power steering. Then in later years he taught me how to rabbit hunt. I almost shot his dog by accident one time. That was a close one. Glad that turned out well. LOL. He loved his trains and built many over the years. Guns were also of great interest to him and he had quite a collection. I didn't se Uncle George too often over these past years as we seem to grow abart as we grow up. Still, the memories of him will always stay with me.

Rest well. You've earned it.
Love always, Steve


I would just like to add that Uncle George served in the Navy during the Korean War. I believe he was a flagman if memory serves. He looked very sharp in his uniform in pictures I saw. Steve looked just like him when he was a young child. He was a good man.